Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Messed Up Church is Joining the Pirate Christian Ship!

Starting soon this blog will be part of!

Many of my readers are already familiar with Chris Rosebrough and his show Fighting for the Faith and the other programs that are part of Pirate Christian Radio. Recently, their old website was rebuilt and is now a "hub" website with many, many great resources, links and articles. This blogspot site is already linked to, but eventually we'll move the whole thing over to that location.

I'm working on writing content for Pirate website itself, as I continue to work on this blog; and I'll be the "Curator" for Chris's old website "The Museum of Idolatry." The Messed Up Church will be exposing false doctrine in the church through written articles, while The Museum of Idolatry will be exposing false doctrine in the church through visual "exhibits" (meaning photos, videos and such).

As the new curator (or "Kurator") I welcome your help; please submit ridiculous church nonsense to me at I'm specifically looking for actual church advertisements, announcements and videos that are obviously wrong (and worthy of ridicule).

The whole goal, in all these endeavors, is to expose false doctrine and lead people back to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ which is so much better than the teachings of men!

To God be the Glory

Steven Kozar

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