Thursday, December 18, 2014

Smooth Talk and Flattery (White Horse Inn)

This is SO GOOD!! I just listened to it twice! The White Horse Inn is always a great listen, but this particular show packs in an amazing amount of enlightening truth (and a little humor) in just 36 minutes:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dallas Willard and John Ortberg-Very Confused Men...

I tried reading an "important" book by Dallas Willard once; all I remember about it is that it was very hard to understand (and I never bothered to finish it). As I listened to this interview with John Ortberg I realized that he is very confused himself. These two confused "Evangelical experts" are schooled by video teacher Bezel333:

The Kenneth Copeland Heresy Rap-(A Little Holiday Fun)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Self Piety and Easy Pickings in the Church

This is a quote from the book "No Place for Truth" by David F. Wells:
     "The sort of Christian faith that is conceived in the womb of the self is quite different from the historic Christian faith. It is a smaller thing, shrunken in its ability to understand the world and to stand up in it. The self is a canvas too narrow, too cramped, to contain the largeness of Christian truth. Where the self circumscribes the significance of Christian faith, good and evil are reduced to a sense of well-being or its absence, God's place in the world is reduced to the domain of private consciousness, his external acts of redemption are trimmed to fit the experience of personal salvation, his providence in the world diminishes to whatever is necessary to ensure one's having a good day, his Word becomes intuition, and conviction fades into evanescent opinion. Theology becomes therapy, and all the telltale symptoms of the therapeutic model of faith begin to surface. The biblical interest in righteousness is replaced by a search for happiness, holiness by wholeness, truth by feelings, ethics by feeling good about one's self. The world shrinks to the range of personal circumstances; the community of faith shrinks to a circle of personal friends. The past recedes. The Church recedes. The world recedes. All that remains is the self.
     What remains is, in fact, a paltry thing. But what is being destroyed is not paltry and insignificant at all. Simply put, the psychologizing of faith is destroying the Christian mind. It is destroying Christian habits of thought because it is destroying the capacity to think about life in a Christian fashion. It is as if the topsoil were being washed away, leaving the land barren and incapable of being cultivated. It can no longer sustain the bountiful harvest of being able to discern between good and evil, to think about all of life in terms of God and his purposes, to construct a way of being that accords with his Word, and to contest the norms of cultural plausibility. All is lost. And when people are no longer compelled by God's truth, they can be compelled by anything, the more so if it has the sheen of excitement or the lure of the novel or the illicit about it. The heretics of old, one suspects, would be sick with envy if they knew of the easy pickings that can now be had in the Church."  (This amazing book was written in 1993)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"The Beast Gets Healed-And So Can You!" Jentezen Franklin

This is, perhaps, the most blatant and blasphemous thing I've ever heard from a false teacher. How bad does it have to get before people wake up?? Just watch the first five minutes-I dare you:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Silencing God's Word" (Worse Than Home Movies of that Drunk Uncle at New Years...)

      The idiotic "preacher" (who can't preach) in this excruciatingly painful video is Kenneth Hagin.
Kenneth Hagin (aka: "Larry the Cable Guy") is the Father of the Word of Faith movement. He lived from 1917 to 2003. "Who cares about this old guy that isn't even alive anymore," you say? Well, if you like Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, Benny Hinn, Rick Joyner, Rod Parsley, T. D. Jakes, Mark Chironna, Heidi Baker, Randy Clark, etc. etc. etc., you have to also like this man-because that's where they all got their new and better version of Christianity (they've all added their own spin to it, of course). When Bill Johnson says "Did you know Jesus was the first person to be born again?" he is teaching a Hagin heresy. When Joel Osteen tells you to "speak prosperity into existence" he is teaching a Hagin heresy. When Kenneth Copeland says that "he's a little god, too" he is teaching a Hagin heresy. When T. D. Jakes tells you to "sow a seed of faith" ("give me your money") he is teaching a Hagin heresy. When Joyce Meyer tells you that "you're already healed-you just need to claim it!" she is teaching a Hagin heresy. When Mike Bickle shares the latest extra-biblical "prophecy" about what God is doing now (as opposed to last year...) he is teaching a Hagin heresy.
      Do you know where Hagin received his new and improved version of Christianity? He spoke directly to God so he could receive these new teachings (that's why you should never question him or anyone like him who also hears directly from God). Oh, and he also plagiarized many ideas directly from E. W. Kenyon. Kenyon (1867-1948) took pagan ideas from the same people that created Christian Science and tried to merge them with Christianity, to make it "better." This was thoroughly documented in the 1988 book: "A Different Gospel-A Historical and Biblical Analysis of the Modern Faith Movement" by D. R. McConnell. It's a great book that should have altered the course of modern evangelical Christianity. But it didn't. It was totally and utterly ignored.
      Now we Christians are not supposed to mention any of this-we're supposed to just go along with any teacher who happens to mention the name of Jesus in the midst of false teachings.
      Not me. Not ever.