Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Joel Osteen's New Book = New Age Pagan Book"

Do you see the difference between Joel Osteen's newest book and these other pagan/New Age books?


(These are screen shots from


 Joel Osteen could have (at least) copied ideas from Christian books...Take a look at these New Age Books:                                                                            

Read the description on the back of this book (below)
-it sounds a lot like one of Osteen's "sermons:"

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  1. This is all a bunch of Psychobabble....when I went to an Al-Anon meeting, years ago, they said if you change who you are then everyone in your life that is bad for you will either change too or get out. True statement. But these men writing books on this "I Am" are basically saying the same thing. And I got that info for free. There is nothing "magical" about saying I am. And no secret language that one can use to connect with God. smh