Friday, August 7, 2015

"Church... Business... What's the Difference? Confused Willow Creek Leadership Conference" by Steven Kozar

Quiz question: What do you get when you combine two Mormons, at least one "word of faith" heretic, some non-Christian business people, authors and public speaker/millionaires, along with a few mega-church pastors? 
Answer: The Willow Creek "Global Leadership Summit!"

I took these screens shots from my iPhone after doing just a little research on the speaker line-up:
Here, author Jim Collins admits he doesn't know the church world 
(but he's happy to make a LOT of money off of it):                                                

Here's a few Mormon sites showing off their best achievers:                                          

 Remember when Jesus told us to hire the very best public speakers to build His church? 
      Me neither...

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  1. Willow Creek continues to be a blight on the name of Christ.