Friday, January 30, 2015

Theopneustos Blog: Temptation To Be Like God

This is a GREAT (and short) article that refutes the Bill Johnson/New Apostolic Reformation/Word of Faith heresy: 

Theopneustos Blog: Temptation To Be Like God

What I find is that false teachers like Bill Johnson, are teaching the same old heresy that's been around forever; but they are so good at putting a new spin on it, and making it sound so spiritual... it's really sickening. If you're reading this information for the first time, you're likely thinking, "well, there must be some kind of middle position-all those preachers can't be completely wrong..." Yes, they're completely wrong-get over it. Consensus does not equal truth. God's Word is Truth (no matter what the "Super Pastors" say).

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